CoinEx In-depth Review 2022: The Key to Attracting Users

CoinEx, the world-renowned crypto exchange, has published its annual review for 2022, which summarizes last year’s achievements in terms of trading volume and new users. Perfection of products and services Promoting Branding for Charities and Funds

According to reports, as of December 2022, CoinEx has 4.5 million registered users, available in 15 languages ​​in over 200 countries and regions. In January 2023, CoinEx announced the end of its 5 year and 1 month anniversary celebration, marking the beginning of its sixth year in the crypto industry. The platform also released its 2022 annual report, today we take a look at the highlights of the report and how CoinEx managed to attract users in 2022.

with more crypto 600 crypto over trading market 1000 of CoinEx Has risen to the highest level in the industry in the crypto list.

The report indicates that CoinEx supports more than 600 cryptocurrencies across more than 1,000 exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap, as of Jan. 12, 2023, CoinEx ranks 10th among all crypto exchange platforms by number. Supported cryptos and ranked 8th in the number of supported exchanges. It is right to say that CoinEx has emerged as the top contender on the crypto list. which is a big step forward for the platform.

reserve funds 100% activated by “Merkle Tree” backup proof (Proof of Reserve)

The report states that CoinEx launched a “Merkle Tree” proof of reserve method in December 2022, making CoinEx one of the crypto trading platforms. The earliest evidence of the disclosure of the reserve. To verify assets, Proof of Reserve aims to verify whether the platform has enough on-network assets to back up user account assets, and CoinEx uses Merkle Tree to prove its 100% reserve ratio, according to the official announcement. The platform’s Proof of Reserve currently supports BTC, ETH, CET, USDT, USDC, and SHIB, and more crypto coverage will be added in the future.

We all know that the crypto market experienced a tumultuous Q3 and Q4 of 2022. With the leading crypto platform FTX crashing, the market panicked. And the security and stability of centralized trading platforms are therefore questioned. During this critical time, the “Merkle Tree” Proof of Reserve launched by CoinEx gives users instant confidence. It also provides evidence that since its inception in 2017, CoinEx has always maintained a 100% reserve ratio and 100% withdrawal guarantee, which is not just an official slogan.

Continuous perfection: product optimization and more service upgrades. 100 time

As noted in the report, CoinEx has accumulated more than 100 product optimization and service upgrades. all year round The platform has restructured several functions to provide a whole new trading experience.

Highlights of the upgrade include:

1. In 2022, CoinEx has launched new upgrades in market overview, contract data, new coin list and fiat services, especially market overview and contract data are essential features for users. with two new functions Users can follow real-time market changes and make smarter investment decisions.

2. According to the official announcement, in 2022, CoinEx supports 6 new Fiat providers and holds a 0% fee promotion, which shows the steady efforts CoinEx is making to expand Fiat deposit and withdrawal channels, and Improved Fiat Trading Experience

Boosting Branding: The Key to Attracting Users

In April 2022, CoinEx was rebranded and given a new slogan: CoinEx’s over 100 rounds of product optimization and service upgrades over the past year have all aimed at “making crypto trading easier”. that goal

From improving Web UIs to functional perfection to service upgrades, CoinEx has done a lot to achieve its ultimate goal: ease of use. These efforts paid off as the platform attracted more users and The trading volume has also increased.

For today’s crypto world, many centralized exchanges have developed complex slogans that include words such as “professional,” “comprehensive,” and “simple.” CoinEx, on the other hand, has only one goal and one slogan. — Ease of Use There is no doubt that an easy-to-use product will please crypto beginners. more and expanding its presence in the market

Overall, in light of volatile market conditions and the failure of many centralized trading platforms. We rate CoinEx’s 2022 performance at A because it maintains a perfect product and upgrades its services while increasing brand power. With all these efforts, the platform is supported by a growing number of users. And keep an eye on CoinEx’s performance in the future.

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