CoinEx Charity educates children through charitable donations to the Human Development Foundation.

since last year CoinEx Charity Providing education, funding for children in poor areas by taking them back to school to continue their studies Mercy Children’s Education Welfare Program continues and has helped over 20,000 children with funds from CoinEx Charity. CoinEx Charity was recently reported by the Human Development Foundation (HDF), a charity in Thailand. HDF thanks CoinEx Charity for charitable donations and explains how scholarship funds are used.

Source: HDF Education Welfare Report

HDF is a non-profit charitable foundation. CoinEx Provide children’s education through charitable donations to the Human Development Foundation. (HDF) non-profit and non-denominational Located in Khlong Toei Biggest slum in Bangkok, Thailand To help poor children, HDF established the Mercy Center. It currently has 100 children, of which more than 20 have been born with HIV/AIDS. Since 2022, CoinEx Charity has reached children at the HDF Mercy Center through donations. By providing children with appropriate protection, care and education, HDF and CoinEx Charity are working together to prepare them for a future full of opportunities. and promote healthy growth with love and warmth

According to the HDF, the generous donation of CoinEx It is used to buy school uniforms, shoes, books, stationery and other essentials. To support the continuing education of children living at Mercy Center, including paying for tuition. The opportunities provided by education help these children escape the cycle of poverty. and provide them with the knowledge and abilities to help them get skilled jobs as adults.

February is the last month of academic studies. And soon students will graduate or move up to the next grade level. The HDF reports that the school year went well. Students are learning, having fun, laughing and playing and will be back in class after the Songkran holidays.

HDF also expressed its gratitude to CoinEx Charity for their assistance in providing daily educational materials for children at the Mercy Center. Our Mercy children, and for the larger role you play in supporting the Human Development Foundation. Make this valuable center open as a source of support for the community, continuing children’s education and caring for the hearts of each child with love. Supporting our children’s education is very important. It is a long-term investment in their future and adult life. Thank you CoinEx for partnering with us in our work and helping to make a difference in children’s lives. We at the Human Development Foundation are very grateful for CoinEx’s continued support,” the report states. CoinEx Charity Long-term Education Going forward, CoinEx Charity will continue to promote the welfare of education around the world and help more children continue their education.

Children at Mercy Center Thailand

Consistent education welfare efforts

in the past year With a full commitment to charity, CoinEx Charity visited some of the most fragile and remote areas of the world. It left footprints in countries such as Türkiye, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, India and South Korea, Germany, Venezuela and the Philippines. Charitable donations in various forms And the educational welfare program CoinEx Charity has taken care of children in impoverished areas. Passing on messages of love and charity

In the future, CoinEx Charity will continue to adhere to its original goals and help poor children in poor areas who are struggling to achieve academic success through concrete action. create added value for the community Meanwhile, CoinEx Charity calls on charities and philanthropists around the world to donate their share to poor children’s education and life to improve the long-term educational welfare.

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