Coinbase Expects More Unstake ETH Requests After Shanghai Upgrade

Coinbase announced that Unstake requests can take weeks or months to process. A large number of withdrawal requests are expected after the Shanghai upgrade on the Ethereum network goes live next month.

Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade will allow users to withdraw their staked ETH, allowing ETH holders to stake more without being locked indefinitely.

Coinbase notes that Unstake requests are processed on the network. And the company will only act as a channel to send the unstaked ETH to the client once it has been published by the protocol.

Coinbase explain“Unstake requests are open to all Coinbase clients at the same time. And it will be forwarded to the Ethereum protocol and queued for the time it was received.”

When the upgrade is complete Users will be able to submit Unstake requests from their Coinbase accounts, which will be available after approximately 24 hours. The customer should allow a reasonable amount of time to wait after submitting the request.

Coinbase is unable to determine the exact amount of time for its customers to unstake ETH, as it is out of their control.

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