Cocaine on Zelenskyj’s desk – new fake video in circulation

Watch the video: cocaine on Selenskyj’s desk – you must not fall for this fake video.

These manipulated recordings from the office of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy are spreading on social networks.

The clip is said to show a pile of cocaine on the statesman’s desk.

But what is behind the fake and where does the video actually come from?

The drugs visible in the video were apparently digitally added to the clip afterwards.

The fake is based on a video that Zelenskyj posted on Instagram in March 2022. The original video has better picture quality than the fake video.

Fake videos are often distributed in poor quality to disguise the manipulation.

But despite the poor quality, the forger does not succeed in completely covering his tracks. Looking at the manipulated clip frame by frame reveals that the cocaine and credit card are duplicated on frames.

The case makes it clear that alleged video evidence that is supposed to prove wrongdoing by politicians is not always authentic. Zelenskyj’s manipulated video is fake and propaganda.

How do we check videos for manipulation in the editorial office? It is important to look at the details. The individual frames of a video often reveal whether a video has been edited. We take a close look at each image and enlarge individual sections. Indications of a fake are, for example: lack of motion blur, unnatural shadows or editing errors. The general rule at stern is: Seriousness before speed. We always double-check facts and material thoroughly before publishing them. For this we work with the cross-editorial “Team Verification” together with RTL, NTV, RTL2, Radio NRW.

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