Coburg district court: drug dealer must be in prison for a long time – Bavaria

Because he is said to have traded hundreds of kilos of cocaine and other drugs, a 30-year-old was sentenced to a long prison term by the Coburg district court. The court sentenced the man to nine years and six months in prison on Monday, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The verdict was for trafficking in narcotics in no small quantity and aiding and abetting.

According to the information provided, the accused had confessed during the trial and after the verdict was announced that he did not want to appeal.

Prosecutors had accused the four defendants in the trial of having sold marijuana, cocaine and hashish on a large scale in 2020 and 2021. The investigators tracked down the suspects via encrypted internet platforms, noticed suspicious activities in Bremen in the summer of 2021 – and struck: In the goods traffic center, the drugs were disguised as coffee bean deliveries. The approximately 740 kilos of cocaine seized had a black market value of 30 million euros.

The suspects initially managed to escape, but were later arrested. Three of the accused were sentenced in the first week of January. The men, aged between 26 and 42, were each sentenced to five years and ten months in prison for aiding and abetting drug trafficking. The judgments are final. Dates were originally planned for the process until the end of March. Since the accused largely admitted the allegations, the trial could be shortened.

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