“Club Las Piranjas”: Shooting for the new Kerkeling series begins

“Club Las Piranjas”
Shooting for the new Kerkeling series begins

“Club Las Piranjas” is currently being filmed: Vl: Trang Le Hong, Cordula Stratmann, Hape Kerkeling, Angelika Milster, Ben Münchow.

© Photo: RTL / Ravi Gajjar

The production of “Club Las Piranjas” has started. In addition to Hape Kerkeling, there are other celebrities to see in the new mini-series.

The shooting of the new four-part mini-series has just started in Mauritius from RTL+, “Club Las Piranjas”, started. The broadcaster announced this. Unlike in the comedy of the same name from 1995, this time the series sequel actually plays in a paradisiacal environment, according to the statement. Animator legend Edwin Öttel alias Hape Kerkeling (57) should not have a relaxed holiday.

In addition to leading actor Kerkeling, the mini-series also sees Angelika Milster (70), who then and now plays Edwin’s “crafty colleague” Biggi Jakobs, and Judy Winter (78), who again plays the role of hotel manager Dr. Renate Wenger hatches. But new characters will also appear in “Club Las Piranjas”, including Ben Münchow (31) as Edwin’s son Björn and Trang Le Hong (born 1987) as Björn’s fiancé Lani. Other roles are played by Cordula Stratmann (58) as the “patente Ruhrpott landlady” Änne Burger, Benno Fürmann (50) as the incognito administrator of the estate Dr. Assmann, Rick Kavanian (51) as the Bavarian head of the family Tony Brandl and Andrea Sawatzki (59) as the hit icon Lilly de Jung.

This is what Club Las Piranjas is about

The broadcaster reveals this in advance about the new series: “Edwin Öttel (Hape Kerkeling) hasn’t really done much right in life – but he did some things wrong. He actually gave up his career as an entertainer a long time ago. But suddenly he’s from caught up with the past.” His ex-boss and ex-lover Dr. Wenger (Judy Winter) gives Edwin the chance of a lifetime: If he prevents the upcoming marriage of their son Björn (Ben Münchow), he will inherit half of the club resort in Mauritius, which his offspring manages there. The former entertainer legend therefore embarks on a secret mission to the holiday paradise. Once there, Edwin sets heaven and earth in motion to let the wedding burst. It’s just stupid that he’s developing fatherly feelings now of all times…

According to the announcement, the mini-series will also be shot in and around Cologne in addition to Mauritius, probably by the end of June 2022. Broadcasting is planned for winter 2022/23 on RTL+ and later on RTL.


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