Clouds and showers over much of the country this Saturday

It almost seemed like the time of two or three days of sunshine, but no, summer is still not here in France, and it may be time to mourn. This Saturday, much of the country will be under clouds and showers. From the south of Brittany to the coastal departments of the Atlantic, as well as on the plains of the South-West, the showers will remain scattered, after a morning in places under the grayness.

The Pyrenean massif will experience a risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon. In the Mediterranean arc, conditions will improve after the stormy rains the day before. The high cloud periods will be a little less important, facilitating beautiful appearances of the sun.

Thunderstorms and threatening sky as a bonus

Corsica will remain under a threatening sky. The rains or the frequent thunderstorms of the early morning on the east of the island, will be found on the relief during the day, even even in the plains.

On the rest of the territory, after a few morning showers, the showers will multiply and strengthen in the afternoon. They will sometimes be accompanied by thunderstorms and may temporarily give good rains, especially towards the Pays de la Loire and Lower Normandy.

Finally, from the Ardennes to Lorraine to Alsace, despite a few fleeting clouds, conditions will still be calm and sunny.

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