Climate protest at the Stachus in Munich: “Last generation” sticks – Munich

On Monday morning, climate activists from the “last generation” protested at the Stachus. Nine people stuck themselves to the asphalt at Karlsplatz. They are sitting on the ground, police officers are talking to them, the lane to the north is closed. Motorists were directed away from the blocked area.

Passers-by keep stopping by the activists, talking to them and shouting at them: “Bravo” or “You’re not alone”. On the other side of the street – in front of the Palace of Justice – there is a counter-demonstration. Five men have gathered, they call for “tougher action by the authorities against the climate extremists”.

The climate activists had already announced on Friday that they would set an example again this Monday at 8 a.m. While their previous actions had always been unannounced, this time the exact location was even named: the area around the taxi rank at the Stachus roundabout. That’s how it happened.

The police were thus prepared that morning, but over the weekend they kept a low profile as far as the details of their operation were concerned. Officials diverted traffic at Sendlinger Tor. Motorists were also advised to switch to public transport.

In recent months, the “last generation” has repeatedly blocked roads. Some activists have already been fined. In Bavaria, some even went to prison as a preventive measure. The group demands a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour and a 9-euro train ticket for the whole of Germany.

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