Cleaning window frames: the best (home) remedies

Plastic or wood?
Cleaning window frames: How to effectively remove dust and dirt

Whether plastic or wood: window frames require regular maintenance

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Although plastic is easier to care for than wood, it attracts dirt and grime equally. Once the window frames are yellowed, sooty, stuck together or dusty, it is time for a thorough cleaning.

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While wooden frames were predominantly used in old buildings, most new buildings have plastic window frames. The material is not only more durable, it is also easier to clean – but it also has a major disadvantage: Due to its static charge, it attracts dirt particles almost magically. It doesn’t look nice, nor does it benefit the material. You should therefore not only clean the windows, but also the frames, for example during the next spring cleaning. Before you start cleaning, however, there are a few important things to consider: Depending on whether your window frames are made of plastic or wood, you can use different cleaning agents or household products. You can find out what these are here.

Clean plastic window frames

Although plastic is very robust, the material can become porous if you use the wrong or overly aggressive cleaning agents. Therefore, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • The fine grains of dust that have accumulated on the plastic frame should first be removed with a soft hand brush. Do not use dry cloths under any circumstances – they will scratch the material as you wipe off the dirt particles.
  • If the frames are only slightly soiled, you can remove the dirt with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and ordinary washing-up liquid or a neutral detergent. However, moisten the material first before cleaning the window frame.
  • Are the plastic frames very dirty or yellowed?, can you get a special Plastic cleaner (also with biodegradable surfactants available). It removes unsightly discolouration caused by nicotine or car exhaust.

  • If the window frames have not been cleaned for many years, they often get one Yellowish tinge.Here you can try oven spray: Simply spray on the plastic, let it work for a moment and wipe off. However, use the aggressive spray very sparingly.

  • If there are still paint or varnish residues on the frame, for example from previous renovation work, you can remove the remains with the help of spirit or a white spirit. Apply the aggressive solution to a cloth and only let it work for a short time.

Important: Do not use under any circumstancesChlorine-containing bleaches – the result may look good at first, but the bleach can oxidize on the plastic frames, turning them yellow over time.

Cleaning wooden window frames

Even if wood attracts less dust than plastic, the frames still need to be cleaned regularly. However, only mild cleaning agents may be used here:

  • Only clean wooden window frames with a cloth, water and a little washing-up liquid. Let the rinse water take effect briefly, then wipe it off again and dry the frame thoroughly.

  • You can also use a special one for coarse dirt Wood cleaner Use including UV protection for sensitive wooden surfaces.

  • Alternatively, there are also complete ones Care sets (including cleaner, balsam and care wipes) for coated wooden windows that are supposed to protect the material from the weather.

  • It also makes sense to take care of the rubber seals on the windows afterwards so that they do not become porous. There are special ones here Rubber care products.

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