Cleaning the laptop: This is how the screen, keyboard and housing get clean

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Cleaning the laptop: How to clean the screen, keyboard and housing of your notebook

You should clean your laptop regularly

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In order for a laptop to work properly and last a long time, you should clean the device regularly. This applies to the display, the keyboard and the case. You can find out how to do this here.

Laptops offer numerous niches in which dust and dirt can collect. This not only affects the cleanliness of the notebook, but also its functionality. If dirt accumulates over a longer period of time, the keyboard can become blocked with crumbs, for example, or the readability decreases because the display is dirty. But dusty fans and cooling fins can also cause trouble, because then not only does the computer’s performance quickly decrease, but failures are also conceivable. Read here why it is worth cleaning your laptop regularly and how best to do it.

Clean laptop: keyboard and case

The keyboard of a laptop is used the most. Not only do crumbs get into the gaps, but germs and bacteria can also collect. Turn off the laptop before cleaning. Begin by cleaning the gaps of dust, lint and crumbs. You can do that with a small one, for example Hand vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or one compressed gas spray. If you use a handheld vacuum, be sure to use the lowest power level, otherwise you could damage the keyboard.

Once the coarse dirt has been removed, clean the keyboard and touchpad. It is best to use a cleaning agent that is suitable for plastic and wipe it over the smooth surfaces. Disinfectant cleaning spray can also reliably kill bacteria. Use gentle Alcohol-free disinfectant sprayto protect the material of your laptop. You can also use cleaning agents and disinfectant spray to clean the laptop housing.

Clean laptop: screen

Dust and grease can stubbornly cling to the laptop’s display. This not only looks ugly, it can even affect readability. It is important that you use a suitable cleaning agent for the sensitive display of your notebook. The combination of a special is best suited TFT monitor cleaner, which gently cleans the display and a microfiber cloth. But 2-in-1 products like this one are also practical screen cleaning wipes. Spray the detergent as well not directly on the screen, but on the microfiber cloth to protect the display. Same goes for the pressure, practice not too much pressure on the display, but gently wipe over the monitor.

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