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Clean Sodastream: This is how the bottles are really clean again

Sodastream’s glass bottles are really difficult to clean

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Over 14 million households use a soda stream to carbonate tap water. It’s easy and practical, saves time and money. But there is also a catch: the associated bottles are difficult to clean due to their special shape.

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The Sodastream range includes three different types of bottles: glass carafes, PEN bottles and plastic PET bottles. According to the manufacturer, the first two are dishwasher-safe – but this does not mean that they are really clean as a result. In fact, glass carafes in particular have the disadvantage that the neck of the bottle is very narrow, making the inside difficult to clean. Both by hand and in the dishwasher: Due to the inclined position, the water nozzles do not reach every corner. Which in turn can lead to food scraps even collecting in the glass bottle. So that you don’t have to worry about it in the future, we reveal helpful tips on how to clean your soda stream. Both the bottles and the nozzle and case.

How to clean Sodastream’s bottles

1. Dishwasher insert

As mentioned at the beginning, especially the glass carafes in the dishwasher are often not really clean. In addition to the narrow bottle necks, this is due to the low dishwasher inserts: If you put a carafe on it, it tilts so much that the water nozzles can hardly, or only with difficulty, reach the interior. For this reason there are now special ones Bottle rack Made of stainless steel for almost all common dishwashers (except for those with ball attachments). They are simply put on the crockery basket and are compatible with all Sodastream bottles.

2. Bottle brush

Those who prefer to wash the Sodastream bottles by hand usually need nothing more than hot water and a little washing-up liquid. However, stubborn stains are difficult to remove – again in the glass carafes. Here you need a special one Bottle brushthat is shaped so that it fits through the narrow neck of the bottle and still reaches all places. This model has the same shape as the carafes: It is made of BPA-free nylon and soft cotton bristles for effective cleaning without scratches.

3. Drip holder

Another problem follows after cleaning: Due to the narrow bottle necks, the wet carafes cannot be turned upside down without falling over. If you let them dry upright, you can often see water stains or limescale deposits on the glass (or plastic). To avoid that, there is this practical one Drip holder Made of stainless steel including a drip tray for – depending on your needs – two to three bottles. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for Sodastream Duo, Crystal, Easy, Power, Penguin, Fuse, Emil bottles, Wassermax and mySodapop.

4. Cleaning tabs

There are also Sodastream products specially developed for PET bottles and glass carafes Cleaning tablets. Above all, they should be used to remove heavy soiling or mold. To do this, fill the bottle two thirds with warm water, add a tab, close it with a lid and shake the contents gently. Then let the tab work for ten to 15 minutes. Finally, turn the bottle upside down and wait another ten minutes. Finally, wash the bottle thoroughly with clean water at least twice to remove any residue. You will find detailed information on this on the packaging.

In this way, the nozzle and housing are really clean again

1. Clean the housing
Yes, the housing of a soda maker also gets dirty over time. If dust and dirt stick to the surface, you can easily remove the dirt with a damp cloth, some water and washing-up liquid. In contrast to the other models, the Sodastream Crystal also has a removable container (in which the bottle is otherwise) that you can clean separately. It is best to use a dish brush with natural bristles or a soft sponge. Stubborn limescale can be removed with a mixture of water and Descaler remove by soaking the container. Finally, it must be rinsed with clear water and dried.

2. Descale the nozzle
citric acid is a tried and tested home remedy to remove limescale – also from the Sodastream nozzle. Alternatively, you can use a commercially available descaler. Proceed in the same way in both cases:

  1. Take a glass carafe and fill it up with water to just below the filling line.
  2. Add the citric acid or the descaler (amount is on the packaging).
  3. Place the carafe in the soda stream as usual and briefly bubble up the water.
  4. Let the descaler work for a maximum of 15 minutes before you remove the carafe.
  5. Empty the water from the bottle and rinse both the bottle and the nozzle thoroughly.
  6. Let the Sodastream nozzle dry well before using it again.

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