Clean up iPhone: Easily delete contacts and apps

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Order on the iPhone: With these tricks you can easily delete old contacts and apps

Cleaning up made easy: while apps in the App Store can be easily deleted, contacts are better managed via the iCloud website.

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Over the years, a lot of ballast accumulates on an iPhone – often ancient contacts and long-forgotten apps. With two simple tricks, the smartphone can finally be easily decluttered.

Admittedly, iOS is now so extensive that even Apple no longer mentions all the details when it comes to a new system version. And so it quickly happens that you miss practical innovations that make everyday life with the iPhone easier. It is not for nothing that tips and tricks are currently making the rounds on Tiktok that die-hard Apple users have known for years.

This also applies to the following two tricks, with which the system can be freed from legacy issues in no time at two crucial points: address book and app collection.

It’s that easy to delete apps

App management takes place entirely on the iPhone. That means: Long press on the home screen, wait until everything wobbles, and then either move everything back and forth or just remove it.

There is a shortcut, at least for deleting apps: Open the App Store and tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner. In the following overview you can, for example, manually update apps, manage subscriptions or find purchased apps that you currently do not have installed. Now the trick: The list of apps below not only serves as an overview of recently installed updates, but you can also swipe any application in the list to the left. A “Delete” button will appear, allowing you to remove the relevant app from the device with just one tap (and confirmation).

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Clean up the address book effectively

A bit strange: In the address book this is not possible. To remove a contact, you first have to go to the entry, tap on “Edit”, scroll down and only then can you delete it. This is also much easier – in two ways, both of which require synchronization of the contacts via the iCloud.

For the first option, you need a Macbook with the “Contacts” app, for example. If you synchronize your information via the iCloud, you will find an exact image of your phone book from the iPhone here. The trick: With the “CMD” key pressed, several entries can be marked, with the “Backspace” key they disappear.

The second option works in a similar way. To do this, go to the iCloud website and log in with your access, which you also use for the iPhone profile (your Apple ID). There you will find a kind of app overview after successful registration, in which the “address book” can also be found. Here, too, you can mark several contacts at the same time by holding down the key; on the Mac it is “CMD” again, on Windows the “CTRL” key. Then either press the “Backspace” key, or navigate to the gear wheel in the bottom left and select “Delete”.

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