Clashes in the West Bank, a guard and a Palestinian killed

New clashes erupted Friday on the esplanade of the Mosques, a religious center in Jerusalem, where clashes have multiplied in recent weeks. Palestinian Red Crescent Society says 42 Palestinians injured ‘in clashes with Israeli occupation forces’, 22 of whom were hospitalized after police fired rubber bullets and tear gas canisters, witnesses say .

But it was then in the West Bank that the violence was concentrated. A guard in his 20s, stationed at the entrance to the northern West Bank settlement of Ariel, was shot and killed on Friday night by two assailants who fled by car, the official said. Israeli army and emergency services. In the process, the Israeli security forces launched an operation to try to find the two assailants in neighboring areas.

“Jerusalem will remain at the center of the conflict with the enemy”

The ruling Hamas Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip hailed Ariel’s attack as a “heroic operation”, saying it was “part of our people’s response to the attacks on al-Aqsa”. referring to the recent violence on the esplanade of the Jerusalem Mosques. “Jerusalem will remain at the center of the conflict with the (Israeli) enemy,” Hamas said on Friday, claiming that the “enemy’s plans for Judaization, desecration and division” were doomed to failure.

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the death of a Palestinian aged in his twenties, the target of a “live ammunition” during an operation by the Israeli army in the locality of Azzoun, located about twenty kilometers from Ariel, without however specifying whether these clashes were linked to the ongoing manhunt.

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