Christophe Willem recounts the hell of harassment… Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde would have broken…

November 21, 2022

Pink had a blast recording her new album

Pink loved being in the studio, and, as she says in Billboardhis next album (the ninth!) will be his “most fun”.

A “three-year writing process” which will have seen the singer work with new people, for “one of the best albums I have made in my life”, she revealed to Good Morning America.

Trustfall is due out on February 17. A very personal album, as she explains. “I took time, and many horrible things happened. My son and I were very sick with Covid, which distilled what was important to me. It takes a crisis for this stuff. Your children have to be sick to tell you ”OK, none of this matters, I want to see my children grow up”. I just want to put truth in the world. And I want to be a nicer and better person,” she adds.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have reportedly broken up

Christophe Willem recounts the hell of harassment

Christophe Willem revealed in Sunday in the countryside that in college, his “feminine part” had earned him painful harassment from his comrades.

“At 11 you are called a ‘dirty queer’, everything to a lot of words when you have no sexuality. The greatest violence in that part of my life is the feeling of loneliness. When you get insulted, beaten up, you carry the weight of shame, ”he reveals.

And, faced with the inaction of the supervisors, the young man does not dare to say anything to his parents. He will need high school and the discovery of music to regain his self-confidence, before being revealed, in 2006, by New star.

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