Christina Luft: Luca Hänni is planning the wedding together

Christina Air
Luca Hänni is planning the wedding together

Christina Luft and Luca Hänni sparked during the 13th season of “Let’s Dance”.

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The “Let’s Dance” couple Christina Luft and Luca Hänni is engaged. The wedding is being planned by the singer, as she has now revealed.

Luca Hänni (27) is in wedding fever and is currently planning the celebrations. His fiancé Christina Luft (32) did that betrayed in the RTL interview. Accordingly, the singer “is somehow more in the picture than me when it comes to weddings,” says the “Let’s Dance” star.

For the professional dancer and her dance partner Mike Singer (22) it was over after the eighth show of this year’s season. In the last few weeks she has had no time for wedding planning: the training took place from Sunday to Thursday, the show on Friday and on Saturday she developed the choreo for the next week. In this phase, she assigned Hänni the planning of the upcoming wedding.

“I know that’s unusual,” admits Luft. “I think all kids have a wedding portfolio like that and play bride, but I’m the exact opposite.” She trusts her husband-to-be: “I think to myself: honey, I like what you like too. I think everything is beautiful.” Nevertheless, the couple has brought in a wedding planner for support. “Now we’re waiting for the first suggestions and we’re really excited,” reveals the bride-to-be.

Dream couple from “Let’s Dance”

Although air has now floated across the floor with another, the “DSDS” winner from 2012 and the professional dancer also got to know and love each other during the show. Together they took third place. After the show, the two then announced that they were lovers. In the singer’s home country, Switzerland, they have now bought a house. They got engaged earlier this year.


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