Christian Karembeu lost two members of his family “killed by gunshots to the head”

Established on May 16 in New Caledonia, the state of emergency must be lifted on Tuesday at 5 a.m. in Nouméa (8 p.m. Monday in Paris). But the situation remains extremely tense in the archipelago, where violence has left seven dead. Two of the victims are relatives of Christian Karembeu, said the 1998 world champion this Monday on Europe 1.

“I lost family members, that’s why I stayed silent. Because I am in mourning,” said the former Kanak footballer, whose nephew and niece from the Emma tribe died, according to radio information.

Karembeu hopes for “investigations into these murders”

Relaunched by journalist Jacques Vendroux, Karembeu responded that both were “killed by bullets in the head” by “snipers”. “We hope that there will be investigations into these murders,” continued the current ambassador and strategic advisor to the Greek club Olympiakos.

The riots broke out in New Caledonia after the adoption in Paris of a reform providing for the thawing of the local electoral body, that is to say its expansion to people established for at least 10 years. “Normally the referendum must be done every two years and recently, Paris decided to do it in 2021 instead of 2022,” said Karembeu. So there were abstentions and the fact of being able to enact this law led to this difficult reaction which I also condemn. »

“When ideas are submitted by the State, I think we need to discuss, palaver, so that the law can be digested and shared what is good for the country and for the communities,” he also said. estimated.

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