Christian Estrosi wants strict containment and no unemployment insurance for the unvaccinated

“Those who are not vaccinated should be confined to their homes under the same conditions as in March and April 2020 and should not have the right and access to unemployment insurance, as in Canada,” said the mayor from Nice, Christian Estrosi on RMC-BFMTV this Thursday morning. He assumed his desire for “zero tolerance” towards the unvaccinated, who “constitute a threat in our country”.

“When we make society take such risks, we have to pay the price,” ruled the ex-LR councilor, who joined Edouard Philippe’s “Horizons” party in early December. “I have always said it: the vaccinated do not have to pay for the unvaccinated”, he continued, assuring to be “even in favor of the obligation of vaccination”.

“Those who constitute a threat in our country on the activity, on the health of our fellow citizens, are those who remain in unacceptable postures”, further estimated the mayor of Nice, recalling that “antivax today represent 91% those who are in intensive care or in conventional hospitalization ”.

“Today our economy has held, at the same time as we manage to manage a health system more or less in difficulty, because we have a vaccination rate which is higher than the average of all the other countries of the Union European ”, he added.

“I just say vaccine pass”

Regarding the bill transforming the health pass into a vaccine pass, which the Senate voted on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at first reading, after having significantly modified it, Christian Estrosi judged that these changes were “a very bad sign sent anti-tax ”. He accuses the senators of having “butted” by asking for the application of the pass only to those over 18 or when the number of hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 would be greater than 10,000 patients nationally.

“I say simply pass vaccination”, he said, because otherwise “we enter a derogatory system” and “everyone will say to each other, we can do what we want”. The Senate has also purely and simply suppressed the possibility for the owners of bars, cafes and restaurants to carry out identity checks to ensure that they match the vaccination pass.

“I do not understand this posture, reacted the mayor of Nice. If we support the economy today, it is precisely thanks to “the health pass and the owners of restaurants, establishments and shops are the first to” say thank you for having implemented this means “.

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