Chrissy Teigen gave birth… Kim Kardashian organizes a Hello Kitty birthday party for Chicago…

January 16, 2023

Austin Butler kept the leather jumpsuit he wore in ‘Elvis’

As Elvis Presley, Austin Butler had the pleasure of donning reproductions of some of the King’s most iconic outfits. But there’s one he wanted to keep after filming the Baz Luhrmann movie: the leather jumpsuit he wore for the 1968 TV comeback sequence.

“She was important to me,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It was a monumental moment, so I took it. »

Finally, be aware that legend has it that the jumpsuit had to be cut to remove it from Elvis Presley after his performance because his skin had become stuck to the leather because of his sweat!

Kim Kardashian hosts a Hello Kitty birthday party for Chicago

Chrissy Teigen gave birth

Chrissy Teigen is a mom again! It was John Legend, husband of the model and culinary influencer, who announced the good news on Friday, a few hours after the happy event when he went on stage.

“What a blessed day,” he said, according to Peoplein front of his audience before ensuring that he felt full of energy despite the lack of sleep and all the time spent in the hospital.

In any case, we can only be happy for the couple who, in 2021, had to face the loss of their little Jack, who died during a miscarriage at more than five months of pregnancy.

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