Chechnya and Terror: Was the Kadyrov Regime Chasing Critics in Bavaria? – Politics

Ramzan Kadyrov, ruler of Chechnya, has critics persecuted, tortured and killed – also abroad. A case in Bavaria brings back memories of the “Tiergarten murder”. About the process and a tremendous suspicion: did a constitutional protection officer help?


Christoph Koopmann and Annette Ramelsberger

Ramzan Kadyrov rules the Russian republic of Chechnya with an iron fist. Not only is he a loyal servant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he is even urging him to be even more brutal against Ukraine and the opposition than Putin is already doing. How Kadyrov imagines it can be seen at his home: he has critics persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed. And he doesn’t limit his pursuit to Chechnya.

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