ChatGPT Won’t Replace Developers — Developer Says at ETHdubai

The latest version of GPT-4, ChatGPT, can identify Ethereum smart contract vulnerabilities — but will it replace developers in the future?

GPT-4 has the ability to inspect Ethereum smart contracts, highlight vulnerabilities and even suggest possible ways to exploit the code.

Blockchain Developer Salman Arshad He highlighted the connection that ChatGPT has with the blockchain. By prioritizing Web3 in the security and auditing process, smart contract auditors are costly, and ChatGPT offers a timely and cost-effective way to review code.

“They are not our enemies. And I didn’t come here to end my career as a developer.”

Arshad adds that ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge base is a strong point, but it also requires human input for specific business logic and alerts. The advantage is that developers can do more in less time using AI-powered tools.

“You can tell ChatGPT and it can turn your order into a smart contract, audit process, document, or white paper perfectly.”

Another blockchain developer, Syed Ghazanfer, also highlighted the interoperability nature of ChatGPT, which still benefits a wide range of users rather than threats. and the replacement of human labor

Ghazanfer added that ChatGPT will continue to be a useful tool for developers.

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