ChatGPT: Chatbot would get a top job from Google with $180,000

$180,000 starting salary: Chatbot good enough for top job at Google

Job interviews BEFORE the computer are now normal – but WITH a computer they are rather rare.

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Google is said to have conducted an interview with the now world-famous artificial intelligence “ChatGPT”. The result: the skills of the AI ​​are apparently sufficient for a developer post with very good pay.

“You don’t have to be able to program, you just have to know how to use Google” – this insider has persisted among programmers and developers for years. And it’s true: Those who master search engines and databases like “Github” can actually save themselves a lot of work. The situation has changed again with the advent of the now famous artificial intelligence (AI) “ChatGPT” – in fact, you can ask the AI ​​to create entire sections of code. The problem: Word gets around – and the IT specialists that are wanted are now facing a certain amount of competition.

In a report on Google’s current AI projects, he writes “CNBC“that the search engine giant is urgently dealing with “ChatGPT” and its possibilities. Google is doing this because the group itself wants to bring such an AI to the network and is therefore dealing with the competition – so far nothing unusual.

“ChatGPT” is equal to a career starter

But the methods that Google uses make you sit up and take notice: In order to determine which skills “ChatGPT” masters, the software was apparently used for an interview, as one would do with candidates for a programmer’s position. Typically, these discussions consist not only of getting to know each other, but also of querying specific specialist knowledge, such as solving programming tasks and code puzzles.

The software seems to have done well. According to “CNBC”, internal documents show that “ChatGPT” would actually get a job. It states: “Amazingly, ChatGPT is rated at L3 when the software was interviewed for a programming position.”

The trade magazine “PCMag” reveals details of this statement, which is quite cryptic for outsiders: A programmer with the classification “L3” is considered by Google to be a software engineer without previous experience – but already with a handsome salary. According to ““, a salary comparison site, can be expected to earn around $180,000 annually. An “L3 programmer” is typically someone fresh out of college with little to no work experience and involved in implementation and maintenance projects of functions, usually in cooperation with more experienced employees, writes an insider on the question-and-answer platform “quora“.

ChatGPT: $180,000 starting salary: Chatbot good enough for top job at Google

This is what “ChatGPT” says about the future as a programmer

The star asked the AI ​​whether to expect that programmers could soon be replaced by “ChatGPT” and similar software. She replied: “No, I probably won’t be able to replace programmers. Although AI systems like me are already useful in some areas, human programmers are still needed to ensure that the systems work properly and are continuously improved There are also many creative and strategic decisions that only humans can make.”

Career starters should not sit back, however. Digging a little further as to whether the answer also applies to entry-level positions, it states: “In entry-level positions, AI systems may take over some tasks that were previously done by humans. However, it will still require human know-how and supervision, to ensure systems are working correctly and making the right decisions, so I see it more as a supplement to human labor than a replacement.”

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