Charlene of Monaco in “stable” condition after malaise in South Africa

More fear than harm for the princess. Charlene from Monaco was urgently hospitalized in South Africa after becoming unwell. But it was in “stable” condition Friday, its foundation announced.

A bad patch

Is Charlene Wittstock’s health at risk? After collapsing in the lodge where she was staying, the South African wife of Prince Albert of Monaco was admitted Wednesday evening under a pseudonym in a hospital in Durban. She was able to go out on Friday morning. “Her Serene Highness (SAS) Princess Charlene of Monaco was rushed to hospital by ambulance late Wednesday night to Thursday after collapsing due to complications from severe ear infection , nose and throat she contracted in May, ”the foundation said in a statement.

Causes not yet known

She had undergone surgery last month, few details of which have been made public. “Doctors are still in the process of establishing what exactly happened”, Chantell Wittstock, director of the foundation, told AFP, adding that this discomfort had intervened while the princess was in the process of “recovering” “.

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