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James Blunt, 49, musician, would rather be an ant. “We only think about our own interests and no one else. We are damned,” the Brit told the German Press Agency about the people. “I hope in my next life I’ll be born as an ant. At least they work together as a team and look out for each other.” People wouldn’t be able to do that, says Blunt. “We see this on social media or in the way we kill each other in the name of the same God.”

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Carolin Kebekus, 43, presenter, has wasted a lot of time hating her own body. Beauty product providers create unrealistic body ideals and thus put women under pressure. The beauty industry suggests “that we are not beautiful and therefore not valuable enough, and then it bombards us with advertising for cosmetics, injections and cosmetic surgery,” she told the German Press Agency. She was annoyed by how much time in her life she had spent thinking about what was wrong with her body. “How much time I’ve wasted hating my own body! All because a huge industry needs my self-doubt to really make ashes.”

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Jamie Lynn Spears, 32, little sister, used to be hell. She caused a lot of unrest on the set of the US children’s show “Mickey Mouse Club”. When Britney Spears, 41, pop star, hosted there, the whole family “lived in Disney World for a few summers,” she said in the British edition of the jungle camp. “I was maybe three or four years old and was giving everyone hell.” When her big sister introduced her to the others at the filming location, she announced that she had “just farted.” As a teenager, Britney Spears hosted the “Mickey Mouse Club” alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. Jamie Lynn Spears later became famous as a teenager in the television series “Zoey 101”. There were always disagreements between the sisters, but Jamie Lynn Spears struck a conciliatory tone in the jungle camp.

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Werner Tiki Coastmaker, 70, Protestant pastor and author, believes children are not as materialistic as some adults believed. With “Simplify your life” he landed a bestseller, and now he gives tips for a stress-free Christmas. In his experience, children are not that keen on gift Advent calendars, he told the Evangelical Press Service. It is important that Christmas joy arises – “and it doesn’t just consist of presents”. He himself had “great experiences” with a daycare center with his own children. Every day the Mary and Joseph figures in the room moved a little further towards the nativity scene until they arrived on Christmas Eve.

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Pope Francis, 86, enjoys acrobatics. On Wednesday he was surprised by a group from the circus. During the general audience, the women, men and children ran into the Vatican audience hall and performed tricks. They did handstands, juggled bowling pins and twisted their legs and arms. The Pope watched the performance with a smile and gave a thumbs up. He then thanked the artists for this “moment of joy”. Circus expands the dimension of the human soul to include simple joys. Francis currently has problems speaking due to a lung infection, which is why he canceled his trip to the World Climate Summit.

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