“Celebrity Big Brother”: Manuela Wisbeck “would have liked to stay”

“Celebrity Big Brother”
Manuela Wisbeck would have “loved to stay”

Manuela Wisbeck also has to leave “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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New edition, next excerpt: Manuela Wisbeck will soon be able to hug her loved ones again.

actress Manuela Wisbeck (40) was the next candidate to leave the “Celebrity Big Brother” container on November 30th. She actually wanted to stay longer, but the show also made her realize what else “you actually have in life”. And the whole thing actually has one good thing for Wisbeck: she can now escape all the frustration that the residents have accumulated in the last few days.

One finds it “really cool”, the other wants “nicer words”

Before that, however, there was good news for the participants. Big brother offered them a swap, which they happily accepted. The celebrities got the mattresses back that they had to hand in after numerous rule violations. Matthias Mangiapane (40), who is experienced in reality TV, explained that he had never taken part in such a tough format before. “There is definitely frustration in the container,” confirmed Paulina Ljubas (26). The motivation is “at zero,” said Wisbeck. “Everyone is tired, everyone is hungry.” The candidates now have to do without the sofas in the container for the time being.

In further flashbacks to the past few hours, in which Ron Bielecki (25), who had been thrown out the day before, could also be seen, the celebrities made themselves comfortable in a hot tub, among other things, in duos. Iris Klein (56) and her former partner Peter (56) once again talked about their relationship. According to Iris, there were “only bad moments” and he “just ruined everything,” she explained through tears.

More tears flowed from most of the “Celebrity Big Brother” inmates when they were allowed to watch video messages from their loved ones. Iris Klein was happy to receive news from her daughters Daniela Katzenberger (37) and Jenny Frankhauser (31), among other things. “You’re doing really cool,” Katzenberger said well to her. And TV star Yeliz Koc (30) finally got to see her little daughter Snow again – but would have liked to have received “nicer words” from her mother. She feels like she did something wrong.

The move out and the next exit

Shortly before midnight, Wisbeck finally had to say goodbye to her roommates. She explained that she would miss Peter Klein and Paulina Ljubas the most: “I liked them a lot.” Although she would have “actually liked to stay”, she is also looking forward to her home.

After moving out, the current container boss Koc also had to nominate three roommates for the next exit. She ended up with Marco Stretcher (21), Iris Klein and Mangiapane, who didn’t agree with the choice at all.


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