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Gundula Gause, 57, news anchor, is not a fan of crazy experiments. “You can talk to me about anything, just not about my hairstyle,” said the co-moderator of the “heute-journal”. Augsburg General. Gause, who has been the face of the ZDF news magazine for 30 years, gives a simple reason for her unchanged hairstyle: “I’ve had it for this long time because I think it suits me. I feel good like that.” It just stands for continuity and reliability “So: once approved and stuck with it!”

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Ulrich Matthes, 63, actor, has great feelings for Berlin. “It’s like with the family,” he said German press agency on the occasion of the malice that the capital gets. After all sorts of mishaps, a new vote has to be held there at the weekend. You can complain to your parents yourself. “But when your classmates do that, you immediately throw yourself in front of your parents and say to the others: ‘You must be crazy.'” But he himself is increasingly “a critical Berliner” – and sees people as having a duty: “I I have the feeling that every Berliner should – I’ve been thinking that for years – simply feel more responsible for the success of this city.”

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Laura Mueller, influencer, 22, has “love in her stomach”. She and her husband Michael Wendler, pop singer, 50, say they are expecting their first child together. “Our great happiness is on the way,” says her Instagram page. There is also a photo in which Michael Wender holds baby shoes in front of the camera. Laura Müller also used the news to advertise her account on an erotic platform, where she apparently wants to market the baby photos. Your Wendler recently attracted attention with conspiracy mythical views. This led to a break with his advertising partners, his manager and the broadcaster RTL.

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Marianne Hartl, 69, folk music singer, is grateful for the monastic drill of her school days. “You weren’t allowed to talk while eating, you weren’t allowed to wear pants, no sleeveless blouses or sweaters. You had to stand in ranks during the break, there was no romping around,” she described her school days German press agency. “Monastic life has had a big impact on me – I think it’s to my advantage.” The sisters who taught her until she was 16 encouraged her musical talent. She played flute, melodica and accordion, could sing and act in theatre. Marianne and Michael Hartl became known as a folk music duo, the first record was released in 1974.

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