Cat walks 400 kilometers across country to old home

Family is moving – cat walks 400 kilometers back to her old home

Watch the video: Loyal cat hikes 450 kilometers to old home – for 13 months.

From Orne to Normandy, this French cat has traveled 450 kilometers.

The family moved with their three cats.

The owners were already concerned that the cats might not feel comfortable in the new environment.

In August 2021, Cocci then disappeared from the new home. Now the cat was found by two strangers in the family’s former surroundings.

There are 13 months between the disappearance and the finding of the cat.

A couple found the animal and posted a picture on the Pet Alert page.

The cat was then taken to an animal shelter. Investigations revealed that the animal was around ten years old and was reported missing.

Laetitia said: “As soon as I saw her, I knew it was her. Even if she looked completely different at first.”

She notified her father, who still lived near the old neighborhood.

He finally confirmed that it was the family cat.

After a few weeks, the animal finally returned home starved and infested with fleas.

“He tried calling the cat by different names, but in the end it just answered Cocci,” Laetitia told SWNS.

After more than a year, the cat is finally reunited with her family.


After her family moved, a cat ran away and was found near her old home more than a year later. The animal had traveled more than 400 kilometers.

Cats are often said to have a mind of their own – probably not without reason. What their owners want often seems of secondary importance to them, the animals pursue their own agenda. Like the cat Cocci from France, whose story shows her independence, but also her ties to her home country. The animal traveled hundreds of kilometers to get to its old home.

Cocci is owned by a family with two children and two other cats. Her owner Laëtitia de Amicis reported on the odyssey in a Facebook post: The family and their pets had moved from the French department of Meuse in the north-east of the country to Ginai in the Orne department. The two cities are separated by more than 400 kilometers.

Cat disappears – and reappears 400 kilometers away

One day last year, cat Cocci suddenly stopped appearing after leaving the house. At first the family still hoped that she would return of her own accord, but Cocci never showed up again and the search for the cat was also unsuccessful.

Laëtitia de Amicis no longer had high hopes of ever seeing her pet again. However, she told the children that the cat might have made its way to her old house in Meuse. She had no idea how right she was about that.

More than a year after the disappearance, de Amicis came across a Facebook post: A cat had been found just a few kilometers from where she used to live. In the pictures, the animal looked “completely different” from Cocci, emaciated and covered in fleas. Nevertheless, she contacted the finder. An examination by the vet revealed that the animal, like Cocci, was ten years old and neutered.

Cocci survived the journey well

The final identification then had to be made on site: de Amicis’ father went to see the cat himself. He called her by different names, but she only responded to “Cocci” – proof that it really was the escaped animal. Cocci had actually walked 400 kilometers across the country to the family’s old place of residence.

The cat survived the hardships well, she is “not doing badly,” reported Laëtitia de Amicis. Nevertheless, Cocci has changed as a result of this experience, according to the owner: “He has become wilder. We don’t stroke him as often anymore. You can still do it, but only very carefully.”

Sources: Laëtitia de Amicis on Facebook / France TV Info

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