Cartoon Prize: Award for Dorthe Landschulz

Cartoon Prize
Excellent cock: Dorthe Landschulz takes second place with her cartoon

This cartoon by Dorthe Landschulz alludes to the scandal surrounding Hamburg Senator for the Interior, Andy Grote.

© Landschulz

Nice success for artist Dorthe Landschulz and the star: At the Cartoon Prize 2022, awarded by Lappan Verlag and the Frankfurt Book Fair, a work by Landschulz has now been awarded second prize in Kassel.

Three scientists are standing at a computer monitor: “Professor, we have decoded the signal from the extraterrestrials.” What the extraterrestrials have to tell us is decoded on a piece of paper: “You are such dicks.”

This wording is based on the scandal surrounding the Hamburg Senator for the Interior, Andy Grote. He had filed a criminal complaint after being called a “dick” by a Twitter user. The police then searched the home of the alleged author of the tweet, which many people believed was disproportionate to the seriousness of the offence. “Pimmelgate” was born. For cartoonist Landschulz, this is a metaphor for the chaotic state of the world in general, as the verdict of the jury makes clear:

“The multi-crisis is due to human error”

“Crises wherever you look, the world is full of them. Dorthe Landschulz summed it up masterfully and comically with this cartoon: The multi-crisis is due to human error. And the people, unfortunately, that’s us. If you look at the big picture is missing, you have to look beyond our planet for common sense. Of course, we can only hope that the aliens at least have such common sense. Either way, the testimony for our species is modest.”

Dorthe Landschulz, born in Hamburg in 1976, studied illustration in Hamburg and Paris. She lives in Brittany. For the star she has been drawing since 2019. The award-winning cartoon was on the humor site “Ein Quantum Trost” in May 2022 star been published.

Draftsman Oli Hilbring received first prize in the competition. In total, more than 350 artists submitted more than 3,000 works. Under the title “Beste Bilder 13”, Lappan Verlag has published the cartoons of the year 2022 as a book – for 12 euros.

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