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EA Sports FC 24 has released all the new features for the career mode. There are numerous new things that are supposed to make the big difference to FIFA 23.

Vancouver – Everything new in EA Sports FC? Developer EA is gradually revealing the details of its new football simulation and has now presented the revised career mode. There will be some new features added that will make a big difference to FIFA 23. But what’s really new and how does the whole thing affect career mode? We give the big overview.

Name of the gameEA Sports FC
Release (date of initial publication)September 29, 2023
PublisherElectronic Arts
seriesEA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
PlatformsPS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developerEA Sports
genreFootball simulation

EA Sports FC 24: Career mode with new features – what changes?

Obligation of assistant trainers: EA Sports FC gets assistant coaches that you can hire. A similar feature already existed in older FIFA parts and now the whole thing is celebrating its comeback in a different form.

The assistant coaches should provide players with individual support. The coaches should be hired primarily according to positions (goalkeeper, defense, midfield and striker). They are intended to ensure that players improve even faster and eliminate their deficits more quickly. It remains to be seen how big the influence of assistant coach will really be.

New coaching perspectives: There will be new camera perspectives in EA Sports FC 24, with which you can better follow the tactics. In addition, a camera should simulate the trainer’s view. You can then watch the whole game live from the dugout. So if you don’t want to play yourself, but really want to slip into the role of the trainer, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Matchday training as preparation: Matchday training is intended to prepare your team better for the upcoming opponent. In EA Sports FC 24 you will be shown in advance whether your next opponent might play with a high press or stand low. Accordingly, you can have your players train again on how they can override the opponent’s systems. Here, too, it is not yet entirely clear how crucial this match day training will really be in the end.

New tactics for Tiki-Taka fans: Tactics lovers will get their money’s worth in EA Sports FC 24, because the developers are tinkering with the tactics again. You can choose specific game styles directly and no longer have to set every parameter yourself. Among other things, the tactics “Tiki-Taka” and counter-pressing should be selected.

All new features for EA Sports FC 24 at a glance:

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Own agents in player career: Player career enthusiasts will also see innovations. Your player should get an agent who will take care of transfer offers and contract negotiations. This could make the whole thing even more realistic, because so far you haven’t had to negotiate any contracts – that could change in EA Sports FC 24.

There will also probably be certain goals that you have to achieve in order to move to your dream club or be offered a contract extension. This will give you even more control over which career path your player takes in EA Sports FC 24.

New cutscenes for more realism: There should also be innovations for the optics. Here EA showed some new cutscenes that will be added. For example, from a championship celebration or the presentation of the Ballon d’Or. Here football legends will present you with the prize.

EA Sports FC: Closed Beta Leak © Electronic Arts (Montage)

EA Sports FC 24: Everything new about career mode? This is how the new features work

What do the features change in career mode? A lot in detail, but on the whole probably not much. EA Sports FC 24 doesn’t reinvent the career mode, but cleverly incorporates some new details. For some things, however, it is not yet possible to estimate how big an influence they will really have on the game in the end.

If you don’t do matchday training, will our team automatically play worse? If we don’t hire assistant coaches, won’t the talent reach its full potential? Such questions will probably only be answered when we can start our first career. You can find more details about all the leagues you can play in Career Mode here: EA Sports FC 24: All Leagues – These new teams have been confirmed so far

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