“Can’t wait for it to end”, “I’m sad” … Everyone apprehends in their own way the end of the series

This is the beginning of the end for La Casa de Papel. The first part of the fifth and final season of the series is available from this Friday on Netflix – the very last episodes will be delivered on December 3.

The end of the robbery is therefore near and we will soon know what will happen to Tokyo and its acolytes. “In my opinion, they will end badly. Anti-heroes rarely have a happy ending, ”predicts Florent, who responded to the call for testimonies from 20 minutes.

We wanted to know what fans of the Spanish series were expecting from Season 5 and why they were hooked. Against all expectations, given the cult status of La Casa de Papel, the answers were not rushed.

“I would like Lisbon and the professor to meet again, otherwise I cry”, confides Marion in this meager harvest. Sophie says she is captivated “by the originality, the camera, the characters, the suspense, the rhythm, the music and the texts” and underlines that “for once, it is not an American series” which fascinates the crowds. . Isabelle qualifies La Casa de Papel of “real drug”. She praises the ‘believable twists and turns [sic] and unexpected ”and ensures that she never gets tired of it. She even says to herself “very sad to hear that this is the last season”.

“It’s gone too far”

So, basically, for the positive messages. Several of our readers took the opportunity to express their reservations – to put it mildly – about the series. “I don’t expect it,” Tyrp says. They should have stopped after the first robbery. La Casa de Papel is one of the really good series of the last few years but it just had to be a one-shot. In other words, the Internet user would have preferred that the series stick to the first two seasons – those which were produced by the Spanish channel Antena 3 before Netflix took over. “It then became inconsistent, they were forced to play excessively to keep the spectator. “

Captain Marlou – that’s a nickname – thinks the same thing and pleads against “the inconsistency of most of the characters, the total improbability of the situations and the nonsense of the general strafing scenes”, not to mention the “Ridiculous love scenes that accumulate despite common sense. “

“I can’t wait for it to end, it’s become rubbish,” Dante Reader engages. I liked the first break and the second, at the beginning, it was nice, but it went too far, ”he says. Paradoxically, he did not let go of the series and even claims to be “anxious to see how it ends. »And if that was the tour-de-force of La Casa de Papel ? The fact that, despite the heavy strings and the frenzied twists criticized by some, she ultimately succeeds in … turning our attention to her.

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