CAN 2022 – Surrealist: Mali wins against Tunisia (1-0) after two end of the match whistled before the 90th

It is hardly believable! This Wednesday, the CAN experienced a surreal game where referee Janny Sikazwe was the main actor of an incredible end to the match. While Mali led in the score and Tunisia pushed to come back, the Zambian referee whistled the end of the match twice… even before the end of regulation time, first in the 85th and then in the 89th. Improbable and completely mad.

And even more when twenty minutes later, the referees and the Eagles returned to the lawn, for the last three minutes of play scheduled. But in the absence of the Tunisians, the meeting could not resume. In the case, the Malians still recover the three points. They were able to make the difference thanks to a penalty scored by Ibrahima Koné (48th), while opposite, Wahbi Khazri missed one (77th). Mali therefore obviously seizes the head of a group F in which the Gambia and Mauritania are also present.

The first final whistle, in the 85th


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The final whistle, at the 89th

The fourth referee, however, had the display board in his hands, but he did not have time to use it. The central referee did not wait for the table to display 90 minutes to whistle the end of the match, under cries of anger from Tunisia. It must be said that Janny Sikazwe had, only five short minutes earlier, already whistled the end of this duel, even though we were still playing the 85th minute of play.

By then, Mondher Kebaier and his entire bench had already stepped up to the plate, before things then returned to normal quite quickly. The Carthage Eagles protested strongly as they felt they could, at least, snatch the point of the draw. Twenty minutes later, Janny Sikazwe tried to restart the match after admitting his mistake, but in the absence of the Tunisians, the match has not resumed. Another surreal scene.

Khazri missed the equalizer penalty

There was still a match, despite everything. After a complicated first act, the Tunisians finally managed to be more offensive, relying in particular on their captain. After a dangerous first direct free kick (56th), Wahbi Khazri had the equalizer ball at the end of his right foot, from the penalty spot, but he came up against Ibrahim Mounkoro, author of a very beautiful parade (77th ). The Malian goalkeeper had also been vigilant, just before, in front of Dylan Bronn (65th). Mondher Kebaier’s men, who will no longer have the right to make mistakes against Mauritania (Sunday, 5 p.m.) were therefore unable to return, after conceding the first goal.

Already on the penalty spot, just after the return from the locker room, Ibrahima Koné had not had too many difficulties to deceive Bechir Ben Said, taken on the wrong foot (48th, 0-1). Despite poorer possession of the ball (44%), Mohamed Magassouba’s proteges, who will have the opportunity to confirm against Gambia (Sunday, 2 p.m.) have had more opportunity to express themselves offensively than their opponents (ten shots at eight). And it is not the direct expulsion of El Bilal Touré, entered only six minutes before and guilty of a sole on Dylan Bronn (87th), which therefore changed things. At the end of the meeting that certainly has not finished talking.


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