BW shortens corona isolation to five days – SWR Aktuell

So far, people in BW had to go into isolation for ten days and could only test themselves after seven days if they were corona positive. That should change now.

Corona infected people in Baden-Württemberg will only have to be isolated for five days in the future. According to SWR information, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the leaders of the Greens and CDU factions have agreed on this. So far, infected people have had to isolate themselves for ten days – free testing is only possible after seven days at the earliest. First, the German Press Agency reported about it.

Exceptions for staff in clinics and nursing homes

From the beginning of May, a final free test after five days should no longer be necessary for most people in Baden-Württemberg if they have had no symptoms for two days. There are exceptions for staff in clinics or nursing homes.

What does household insulation require? SWR editor Michael Eiden was affected himself and has put together a few practical tips.

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BW probably demands uniform regulation for all federal states

Baden-Württemberg is following the example of Bavaria, where this regulation has been in effect since mid-April. Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia have already announced that they are going down this path. On Thursday evening, the federal and state health ministers will again discuss the quarantine rules. According to reports, Baden-Württemberg relies on a uniform regulation in all federal states.

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