But who blames pollution sensors?

The case is problematic enough to that Atmo Occitanie, the association approved in the region for monitoring air quality, splits a press release. “A recent increase in thefts and damage to measuring devices [de la qualité de l’air à Montpellier], particularly on boulevards Berthelot, Vieussens and Mermoz, is to be deplored. »

To carry out its missions, the association relies on an integrated evaluation system made up of measurement stations, an inventory of sources of atmospheric pollutants and pollution dispersion models. All in order to establish maps of concentrations. The purpose of which is to assess the exposure of populations with regard to regulatory values, in particular the levels of nitrogen dioxide concentration near traffic routes.

Delays in publishing results

In recent months, the association has strengthened the system of measures aimed at improving knowledge, particularly near major traffic routes in mainland France. Twenty-two control points are deployed and are regularly monitored and surveyed. What she no longer has the means to achieve

The association regrets “the financial loss”. But is especially concerned about the delays in “the publication of results making it possible to share an objective situation of the quality of the air observed in the metropolis. »

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