But what was this strange music heard in the middle of a match on Canal+?

Viewers who followed the crippling defeat of Paris Saint-Germain in Munich (0-2) on Wednesday evening in the Champions League on the MyCanal application, may have had the same reflex as yours truly: look for another tab was open on their computer, from which this strange music heard at the start of the second half could possibly arise.

In fact, this sweet melody, which covered the comments and the atmosphere of the Allianz Arena, came from the broadcaster of the meeting. It started precisely after 46 minutes and 35 seconds of play, and lasted exactly 34 seconds.

The Porn Movie Theory

At the late hour when these lines are written, the nature of this sound, and the reasons for its appearance on the air, remain unknown. But the anecdotal incident greatly amused some viewers who shared theories on Twitter, that of the porn movie soundtrack coming back regularly, Canal+ requires.

The hypothesis of music on hold on the telephone, very typical of the 1980s-cigarette-whiskey-brushing, does not seem to be excluded, however. Pending possible clarification from the encrypted channel, the mystery remains as unfathomable as the level of PSG in the second period this Wednesday evening.

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