Business attire women: outfit ideas for formal occasions

Business clothes for women don’t have to be stuffy: outfit ideas for formal occasions

When it comes to business attire for women, the white blouse plays an important role. But there are more fashionable options for a formal look.

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White blouse, black pencil skirt and pumps with it – is the business look for women ready? There is definitely more possible: four outfit ideas for formal occasions.

If you think of business clothing for women, you will quickly think of a white blouse, black skirt or classic pumps. But there are more fashionable ways to dress for a formal occasion. Here are four ideas.

1. Two-piece

A suitable, modern business outfit is a combination of a two-piece, basically blazer and matching trousers (made of the same material and in the same color) and – depending on the occasion and style – sneakers, pumps or ankle boots or, on warmer days, sandals. A two-piece suit or pant suit in black, dark blue, beige or even gray is a good choice for most formal occasions.

But also “bolder” models, for example with a checked pattern, but also variants in green, yellow or red can also be suitable. The classic white blouse, a thin turtleneck sweater or just a top are suitable underneath. On a casual business occasion, chic white sneakers can look good with a trouser suit, on more formal occasions ankle boots or pumps are suitable.

2. Blouse-skirt combination

Also the classic combination of skirt and blouse is of course suitable as business clothing for women. But it doesn’t have to be a white blouse and a black pencil skirt. Medium-length skirts with a check pattern, models made of (artificial) leather or suede or even satin can look good with a simple blouse. The other way around you can of course also set accents: If the skirt is simple, the blouse can come with prints or other highlights such as flounces.

3. (Shirt blouse) dress and tights

If you like classic business clothes for women, but want to make them a bit more modern, you can combine Shirt dress (Alternatively, oversized shirts also work very well) and tights grab it. Combined with ankle boots or boots, the whole thing results in an elegant look. With a midi length, tights are ideal, with a maxi length they can also be omitted. Then – depending on the occasion – pumps and ankle boots also fit.

4. Blouse and chinos

The combination of blouse and – instead of skirt – one is also a bit more casual and modern Chinos. It looks fresh and can be combined with pumps, sandals or, for more casual occasions, with chic sneakers. A fine belt goes with the chinos and rounds off the outfit. A monochrome blouse goes well with colored chinos, for example in yellow or red (you never go wrong with white), but a blouse or shirt with a print or other accents also goes well with a muted color.

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