Burmese repression, a real concert in Barcelona, ​​Blues unfolding …

A concert in Barcelona, ​​March 27, 2021. – LLUIS GENE / AFP

Today, at 2 a.m., it was 3 a.m. But at 7:30 p.m., it is, like every Sunday, the hour of the five news in the retro, our recap of the weekend’s news for those who have spent it away from the screens.

1. The health situation is making waves

The distressing message of the weekend is the work of the President in the columns of the JDD. Saturation of hospitals, outdated schools: the weekly is worried about whether there will be an additional turn of the screw in the days to come? “Nothing is decided”, replies Emmanuel Macron.

“The battle for the next few days is simple. Pragmatism and an appropriate response to the virus, braking measures in particular intended to protect caregivers and vulnerable people and a general mobilization to roll out our plan of attack on the vaccine, ”adds the Head of State. In Ile-de-France, 41 crisis medical directors of the AP-HP (Public Assistance – Hospitals of Paris) evoke a “disaster medicine situation”, saying they are preparing to have to “sort out patients in order to save as many lives as possible “

More info: At the Eugène Delacroix high school in Drancy where 20 parents of students died from Covid, 22 classes will be closed from Monday. Teachers and parents voice their anger.

2. The Suez Canal still blocked

And yet, it moves … The container ship Ever Given still clogs the Suez Canal, causing very costly traffic jams for ships. But on the sixth day, the news is encouraging. The giant has “moved 30 degrees to the right and left” for the first time, authorities said Sunday after hoping to be able to restore the situation on Saturday evening. The high tide forecast this evening with a significant coefficient could help the technical services and the experts appointed by the operator of the vessel.

3. Bloody repression in Burma

Burma sinks into repression – / AP / SIPA

Dark Saturday in Burma. While the ruling general entertained his guests with a drone show showing him saluting, the army and police bloodily repressed the demonstration by opponents of the regime. The United Nations estimated Saturday’s death toll at 107 people – including seven children – but expects that toll to rise further.

The death toll since the February 1 coup has risen to at least 423, according to AAPP, a local NGO that records the death toll since the coup. This Sunday, the Burmese once again took to the streets of Yangon and other cities to demand a return to democracy, and numerous funerals were due to take place across the country, which is recovering from its bloodiest day since. the putsch.

More info: “You don’t force a donkey that isn’t thirsty to drink. ” 20 minutes asked Sophie Boisseau du Rocher, researcher at Ifri’s Asia Center to understand the junta’s attitude in the face of international pressure.

4. The Blues take place in Kazakhstan

Applied, if not inspired. The Blues set the record straight by beating Kazakhstan this Sunday on the synthetic field of Nursoultan. Dembélé opened the scoring with a nice offensive movement before opposing defender Malyi scored the second goal with a header against his camp. In the second half, Mbappé failed to transform the penalty he had obtained, Mokin, the goalkeeper from Kazakhstan, relaxing on the right side.

“We said before the match that the job had to be done, it was done,” debriefed Paul Pogba at the microphone of TF1 at the final whistle. It’s a good result against a team that didn’t give up. Everyone saw us scoring four or five goals but Kazakhstan played well and their goalkeeper had a great game. We are happy. “

Martial and the Blues never trembled in Kazakhstan on March 28, 2021.
Martial and the Blues have never trembled in Kazakhstan, March 28, 2021. – FRANCK FIFE / AFP

The article in addition: Thanks to our scoring tool, relive the best of your VTC experiences and give an evaluation to each Blue. They have had two stars since 2018. They probably deserve a little more, right?

5. A test concert in Barcelona

We are not going to leave without a little note of optimism. Lots of notes, even, since it is a concert given in front of 5,000 people. In Barcelona, ​​Love of Lesbian, flagship group of the independent Spanish scene, performed in front of an audience of amateurs taking part in a life-size test.

All tested beforehand in a center set up for the occasion, the 5,000 spectators were able to attend the concert, dance and even drink glasses at the refreshment bar as in our wildest dreams. Their health will be monitored for the next fortnight. This experience, like others carried out in the Netherlands and Barcelona already before smaller audiences, should make it possible to better assess the dangerousness of these indoor gatherings and to speed up the reopening of the rooms. Fingers crossed and we leave you, with this exciting issue of Sixième Science, our scientific podcast …

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