BUNTE.de Instagram ticker: rarity! Rebecca Mir shows up with her son

Rebecca Mir shares rare mother-son snap

Your love could be scripted: Rebecca Mir (30) attends 2012 at “let’s dance” and not only dances her way into the hearts of the audience. She falls in love with her dance partner during the show Massimo Sinato (41) – and he into her. Motsi Mabuse (41) can still remember the hot choreography of the two: “You felt on the dance floor that something was happening,” said the juror to RTL. “It was love at first sight for Rebecca and Massimo.”

The romantic one followed just three years later Wedding in Sicilyin April 2021 the birth of their son the happiness of love. And even if the two are completely absorbed in their role as parents, they like to keep their private lives private. In other words: the public hardly notices anything about their offspring. At least mostly, because now Rebecca surprises her Instagram fans with a sweet mother-son snapshot. The pretty model is in the USA right now, more precisely at the Santa Monica Pier. And she seems to be doing well there! With flowing hair and a broad grin, she looks out to sea. On her arm: her son – who is already a little styler with his hat, sneakers and sweatshirt jacket.

Novalanalove officially confirms marriage

After it has long been suspected that Farina Opoku (31) and her husband have separated, it is confirmed Novalanalove now on Instagram the marriage-off. The influencer creates clarity with a post. She and DJ Jeezy are going their separate ways. Only a few months after the birth of their daughter, the two ended their relationship. The 31-year-old explains that since little Nola was born, her view of her marriage has changed: “I see things with different eyes and I don’t want to model a relationship like that for her”.

And although a lot of bad things have happened, the beautiful brunette thinks that the 6 years were not wasted, “because there were beautiful moments and it resulted in my healthy, beautiful dream child, for which I will always be grateful”. She received encouragement from other influencers and her fans in the comments: Gerda Lewis (30), Pamela Reif (26) and her followers wish the simple mother a lot of strength.

Rare snapshot: Birgit Schrowange is in love with her Frank

Birgit Schrowange (64) and her boyfriend Frank Spothelfer have been a couple since 2017 and obviously still overjoyed. The two now appeared together on Instagram and wished their followers a nice 1st Advent. On the post, the couple poses in front of a Christmas backdrop, both Birgit and Frank are beaming with joy.

About five years ago, the presenter and the entrepreneur met on vacation, it was love at first sight. At the time, Schrowange revealed to BUNTE magazine: “Yes, I’m in love.” Their first public appearance together followed in the same year, when Birgit walked the red carpet at the Bambi Awards, accompanied by her lover.

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