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Bundestag:Scholz: “I consider compulsory vaccination necessary”

  • For the first time since taking office, Olaf Scholz poses to the members of the Bundestag in a government survey.
  • According to Parliament’s rules of procedure, 60 minutes are allowed for questioning the Federal Chancellor.
  • In his opening statement, Scholz spoke about the Corona crisis, but also addressed foreign policy.

By Julia Hippert, Nico Fried, Jens Schneider and Markus C. Schulte von Drach

The members of the Bundestag have the opportunity to question the head of government three times a year. Traditionally, the Chancellor comes to the Bundestag for a government survey before Easter, before the summer break and before Christmas. However, since Scholz was only sworn in in December, this year’s survey has been postponed to January.

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