Bundestag live: orientation debate on compulsory vaccination – politics

Bundestag on compulsory vaccination:“Black and White, Good and Evil”

  • In a so-called orientation debate, the members of the Bundestag discuss the question of whether general corona vaccination should be introduced in Germany.
  • Across the parliamentary groups, MPs are campaigning for a general obligation to vaccinate, some with an age limit, while others speak out against it.
  • The union continues to demand that the government submit its own bill.
  • More than 1,000 people are demonstrating in the government district of Berlin, and 1,600 police officers are on duty.

By Werner Bartens, Ramona Dinauer, Katharina Riehl, Jens Schneider and Kassian Stroh

The Bundestag is debating compulsory vaccinations, and there are protests outside the door. All developments in the live blog:

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