Bundestag: Attack on AfD politician Curio – “Communicative stabber” (video)

Debate in the Bundestag
“Communicative stabber”: CDU man verbally attacks AfD politicians – and is reprimanded for it


The CDU politician Detlef Seif attacked the AfD MP Gottfried Curio hard in the Bundestag. Among other things, he referred to him as an intellectual arsonist – and then received criticism from the Bundestag Vice-President.

The Union member Detlef Seif has called the AfD member Gottfried Curio in the Bundestag as a spiritual arsonist. “You are a communicative stabber and a terrorist,” said the CDU politician from North Rhine-Westphalia on Wednesday during a plenary debate on migration and internal security. He added, “I don’t know if you realize that what you are throwing into the country creates a poisonous climate. You are arsonists for what others do afterwards with knives and pistols.”

Criticism from the Vice President of the Bundestag

For his verbal attack, the Union politician then had to take criticism from Bundestag Vice President Petra Pau. She urged him “to moderate himself when it comes to the designation or characterization of other MPs – that is, to use a parliamentary language”.


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