Bruno Le Maire wants “rapid, massive, planned green reindustrialisation”

“We must defend a globalization that respects the sovereignty of nations, committed to the fight against inequalities, protective of the climate,” said Bruno Le Maire. This is why the Minister of Economy and Finance wants to make France “the first green industrial nation” in Europe. To do this, he is planning a future bill accelerating the creation of new industrial sites and encouraging decarbonization.

“With the President of the Republic, with the Prime Minister, we will therefore commit France to rapid, massive, planned green reindustrialisation. With one objective: for France to become the leading nation for green industry in Europe,” he added, presenting his wishes to the economic players at Bercy. The challenge, “is industrial relocation,” he insisted.

Towards a French-style “Inflation Reduction Act”

This strategy will go through the presentation this year of a bill on green industry, which will aim in particular “to speed up the authorization process for new industrial sites”, developed the minister. “There is no reason for us in France to take two years to develop an industrial site, sometimes three, where other major nations manage to do so in a few months”.

It is also a question of promoting national public procurement, financing industrial innovation, creating “real green savings tools” as well as a “more attractive” tax environment for green industry, according to the tenant of Bercy. The success of this strategy also depends on France’s energy independence, he said. Finally, he pleaded for a European response to the “Inflation Reduction Act” implemented by the United States. This American law grants generous subsidies to certain strategic industrial sectors but is accused by the Europeans of distorting competition.

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