Bruck defends himself against accusations of nature destruction at the Pucher Meer – Fürstenfeldbruck

“Some content has no basis whatsoever,” it said in response to criticism from conservationists that habitats of rare animals had been destroyed.

The city of Fürstenfeldbruck protests against the open letter from the city council and nature conservation officer Thomas Brückner, Elisabeth Lang from the local board of the Federal Nature Conservation Association and Michael Heimrath, the deputy chairman of the district fishing association. They had complained that the work that had already been done had destroyed the habitats of rare animals, some of which were threatened with extinction.

Some of the content of the letter lacked any basis, according to the letter from the city. With regard to the rough grading, which must be carried out in compliance with the species protection measures, there was an on-site meeting with the lower nature conservation authority of the district office (UNB), representatives of the city, an expert from the landscape architects office Terrabiota and the company Kiesgrubenrekultivierung Oberbayern (KRO).

According to the inspection, the clearing of the “inferior secondary trees” had begun. On request, a site inspection was carried out on February 9th, in which the three mayors, heads of departments and expert employees of the administration and representatives of the company KRO took part. The work to be carried out was explained.

A mound of earth should be left to nature

According to the city, the large-scale clearing work on the entire site that Brückner complained about is limited to the area agreed and contractually agreed during the inspection with the UNB on December 1st. Contrary to the existing plans, at the request of the city, the KRO company decided not to remove the earthen wall on the local connecting road and thus left it to nature.

Neither the property owner nor the city leaders can be accused of the fact that dog owners illegally enter someone else’s premises. The city leadership is in contact with the company KRO, both are interested in the fact that the “Pucher Meer II” can later be used by mutual agreement for people and animals.

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