Britney Spears dyes her hair pink… Tallulah Willis had a hard time accepting herself physically…

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May 18, 2021

Tallulah Willis struggled to accept herself physically because of her mother

It’s not easy to be the daughter of a sex symbol. Tallulah Willis indeed had a hard time accepting herself physically, as she compared herself to her mother, Demi Moore.

“It took me a while to realize this: aging happens without your control, time goes by, and your face can change, and I punished myself for not looking like my mother after that. I was told that I was the double of my father (Bruce Willis), since birth. I hated this resemblance, because I thought my “male” face was the only reason people couldn’t like me. It’s wrong ! I am / was someone of value, all times in my life, all sizes, all hairstyles, just like you! “, She revealed on Instagram.

Britney Spears dyes her hair pink

JJ Abrams won’t direct movie with a black Superman

JJ Abrams will not be in charge of the film in which we will find a black Superman. The project is still relevant today, but the director, who has worked on many franchises over the years (Impossible mission, Star wars, Star Trek) will simply produce the feature film.

“The only things I work on as a screenwriter are original projects,” he told Collider.

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