Breakdown in Schweinfurt: Asphalt on Rückertstrasse dark gray instead of beige – Bavaria

There is a lot of complaining in this country about the excessive amount of bureaucracy, often rightly so and with an unusual consensus across party political boundaries. Sometimes you can even get the impression that the bureaucracy is to blame for everything in Germany. But it’s not like that.

Sometimes it is simply human errors that delay progress, as can be seen in Schweinfurt these days. There, a previously paved roadway was to be asphalted, specifically that of the representative Rückertstrasse in the city center, after the stones could no longer withstand the load of traffic. The building committee found that asphalt lasts longer than pavement, is cheaper, can be laid more quickly and is also quieter when cars drive over it.

So that the color of the street would still fit in with the old town ambience, the city council decided to use the “Schweinfurt mixture in the color beige” when coloring the subsurface, as was well-informed in this case Schweinfurter Tagblatt could read. Just like you can now see in photos in the newspaper what Rückertstrasse looks like after months of construction work: not even with much imagination beige. But dark gray.

This is because a human error like this occurred in a service company that had tendered the contract for new asphalt paving for the city (there was bureaucracy involved after all). Schweinfurter Tagblatt from the most recent city council meeting: An employee who was not named by construction officer Ralf Brettin had neglected to inform the construction company about the special paint.

And now? Is there a debate going on in Schweinfurt: Do you have to tear out the asphalt and lay new one because, firstly, the dark tone doesn’t fit into the picture and secondly, in contrast to a beige-colored surface, it could encourage you to drive faster? Or should we just leave it with the dark gray, which is not entirely unusual for roads in the Federal Republic, instead of using taxpayers’ money to repair the problem?

Building officer Brettin now wants to check whether the city’s liability insurance might apply. The costs for a possible new installation also need to be clarified. And whether the asphalt could not be painted over. The city’s building committee is scheduled to deal with the case again in June. It sounds like there’s still a lot of bureaucracy to come for Schweinfurt.

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