Brazen Nazi fake: SS man as Olaf Scholz’s grandfather (video)

Watch the video: SS man as Olaf Scholz’s grandfather – don’t fall for this false report.

This false report about Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently spreading on social media.

The SPD politician is said to be the grandson of SS man Fritz von Scholz.

Pictures of the chancellor are distributed together with historical photos of the SS officer.

The hoax is making the rounds on Facebook and Telegram and is seen by hundreds of thousands of users.

But what is behind the fake?

There is no evidence that Chancellor Scholz is related to SS officer Fritz von Scholz.

The DPA news agency identifies the man in the historical photos as Fritz von Scholz on the basis of documents from the Federal Archives.

Archival records further confirm that the Generalleutnant of the Waffen-SS, who died in July 1944, had no children. He also has no grandchildren descended from him.

A spokesman for the Federal Press Office called the claim that the SS officer was the grandfather of the incumbent Chancellor “complete nonsense”. (Source:

Olaf Scholz’s grandparents come from Hamburg. On his website he writes: “My grandfather was a railway worker.”

The bottom line: Chancellor Scholz is not the grandson of SS man Fritz von Scholz. The claim on social media is hoax and propaganda.

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