Brandenburg Gate. Cleaning after the protest costs 35,000 euros

Last generation
Cleaning the Brandenburg Gate after the protest costs 35,000 euros

The Last Generation announced that the paint attack should be seen as a protest action and “part of the so-called turning point”

© Britta Pedersen / DPA

The climate protection group Last Generation sprayed all six pillars of the Brandenburg Gate with paint in a protest on Sunday. The cleaning is underway – and it won’t be cheap.

Removing the orange color from the Brandenburg Gate, which climate activists of the last generation sprayed on the landmark, is expected to cost tens of thousands of euros. Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM) announced this upon request. It can be assumed that cleaning costs will amount to 35,000 euros.

Brandenburg Gate will be clean again by the end of the week

The color pigments should be completely removed from the sandstone by the end of the week. The affected walls in adjacent areas and the floors should also be cleaned. Members of the Last Generation sprayed the Brandenburg Gate on Sunday. The cleaning work began on the same day.


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