Braking measures “seem to work”, judge Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal, April 6, 2021. – AFP

The “hospital situation is serious”, which justifies that nearly 8,000 beds are now armed in intensive care, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Thursday at the exit of the Council of Ministers, adding however that the braking measures taken recently faced with Covid-19 “seem to work”.

“The incidence rate in our country remains very high”, with “more than 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants”. So “this is not the time to let go”, he insisted, even if “we have the first encouraging signals in the sixteen departments where additional braking measures were taken on March 20”. “The measures seem to be working”, “we are starting to measure that the additional efforts are bearing fruit” and “we have every reason to hope and believe that their impact will be sufficient to bring the epidemic back,” he said. he says.

8,000 armed beds in sheaves

The objective formulated by Emmanuel Macron to begin by reopening, on the horizon of May 15, “certain cultural places and certain terraces” is a “course which mobilizes the government today in the preparation of this deadline”, explained Gabriel Attal.

One of the government’s priorities, “is to anticipate the arrival of the peak in intensive care, by continuing to equip more intensive care beds,” added the Secretary of State, recalling that nearly 31,000 French people are currently hospitalized. , including 5,746 in intensive care.

“In accordance with the announcements of the President of the Republic, we have already gone to nearly 8,000 armed beds in intensive care and we will continue to gradually rise to above 10,000 whenever necessary,” he said. , by saluting “the work of caregivers” who fight day and night against the epidemic.

More broadly in the country, the health situation is “worrying” and even “extremely worrying” in “certain regions hitherto a little more spared”, for example, in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, where the number of patients admitted to critical care increased by 25% in one week.



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