Both the United States and South Korea are preparing to request Do Kwon’s extradition to their respective countries.

Officials from both the United States and South Korea An attempt was made to have Terra co-founder Do Kwon extradited to his country after his arrest in Montenegro.

At a press conference on March 29, Montenegrin Minister of Justice Marko Kovač said The United States made diplomatic efforts to request Kwon’s extradition, while South Korean officials requested his extradition, Kovač announced after Kwon was arrested at Montenegro’s Podgorica airport on March 23, adding that the “departure of the deportation of Kwon was unlawful.” Terra co-founder’s quarantine extended to 30 days

“We have received several requests for extradition. But I would like to say that determining which state they will be extradited to depends on a number of factors such as the degree of severity of the crime, the place and time the crime was committed, the order that we Requests for extradition have been received and a number of other factors,” Kovač said.

Kovač said the decision on Kwon’s detention will be with Montenegro’s High Court. According to the Minister of Justice The co-founder of Terra used a fake passport while in Montenegro. and may face penalties in Montenegro on those charges. If convicted before extradition is granted

It is currently unclear which country is most likely to have the right to extradite Do Kwon.

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