Boris Johnson: Time is running out for the British Prime Minister – Opinion

The man is in the greatest, perhaps last, crisis of his reign. It shows what he always was: a seducer and loudmouth. Two factors will now determine his future fate.

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Stefan Kornelius

A British prime minister doesn’t usually rush to a garden party that involves bringing your own alcohol. However, a British prime minister could fall if parties, whether in the garden or in closed rooms, are part of his government’s work pattern, although this government prohibits these parties in its corona policy. He could fall if his party mood reveals a character weakness, or even more brutal: hypocrisy. He could fall if the demands of the government and personality were too violent and visible to all. So when he preaches water and drinks wine, when he promises freedom and delivers bondage, when he raves about unimagined possibilities and the supermarket shelves remain empty.

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