Boris Johnson apologizes in Parliament for Partygate behavior (video)

Watch the video: Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologizes in Parliament for the “Partygate” affair.

STORY: “Let me begin by saying with all humility that on April 12th I received a fine notice in relation to an event at Downing Street on June 19th 2020. I paid the fine immediately. And I have offered the British my full apologies. I am now taking this opportunity on the first available day of the sitting to apologize to the House of Commons from the bottom of my heart.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has thus apologized to the House of Commons for his participation in an illegal party during the lockdown. Johnson spoke of one Mistakes and explained that he initially did not notice that the meeting violated the Corona rules and did not perceive it as a party.The opposition Labor Party pushed through a vote on further investigations into Johnson.It is about the suspicion that the Prime Minister misled Parliament. The vote is set for Thursday. So the so-called Partygate affair in the UK continues. However, Johnson is not expected to resign over these misconduct.

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