Boris Johnson apologizes for garden party politics

“I want to apologize,” said Johnson in Parliament on Wednesday. “We just didn’t do some things right and I have to take responsibility for that.” The prime minister admitted that he attended a controversial garden party on May 20, 2020 – in the middle of the first corona lockdown.

Johnson’s private secretary is said to have invited around 100 people to the celebration by email; 40 people actually came, according to the TV station ITV. Johnson now admitted that he was present for about 25 minutes at the celebration. He could understand the anger about the revelation of the party and the impression it created.

Opposition calls for Johnson’s resignation

At the time the garden party was celebrated, the strictest corona restrictions were in place in England. Social contacts were reduced to a minimum. Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer called on Johnson to resign. “The party’s over, Prime Minister,” said Starmer. The only question is whether the British people will eventually throw him out of office, his party will do it, or whether Johnson will do the only decent thing and step down.

Johnson has been under pressure for weeks because of his administration’s behavior during the lockdown. He is accused of disregarding the corona rules that he himself had drawn up.

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